9 Easy ways to cut insurance costs, who knew?

So, you’ve left no stone unturned in your quest for savings.  Dinners out are a thing of the past, you probably cancelled your gym membership months ago, and you’ve discovered the joys of carpooling with your heavy-metal-music-loving neighbor!  But have you thought about your auto or homeowners insurance as a place to look for hidden dollars?  Our agency offers many discounts, but not everyone understands how to find these savings.  Consider the following…

1.)  Insure both your auto and home with us!  A policyholder who has auto insurance with us and then adds on homeowners coverage can earn a 15 percent discount on the homeowners policy and a 10 percent discount on the auto policy.  That can really add up!

2.)  Take a defensive driving course.  Check out www.delawaredriver.com or call Mastercraft Safety at: (302) 368-7833.  Depending on the course you take, you can save around 10-15% off the cost of your auto insurance.

3.)  Renovate your home.  If your cost-cutting measures shelved that renovation project you were considering, add this factor to the math:  upgrading your home’s heating, plumbing, electrical or roof may create opportunities for insurance savings.  Talk to us about your recent upgrades & we’ll see where the discount falls!

4.)  Consider life insurance.  If you take advantage of life insurance or an annuity through Nationwide, we will soon be able to offer you a 5% discount on your auto policy.

5.)  Take the SMARTRIDE.  Nationwide has created a special online learning center to help parents and teens talk about driving smart.  The Smart Ride site, nationwidesmartride.com is full of online learning sessions, interactive quizzes and tests.  And when you’re done, there’s a discount!

6.)  Install a security system.  Discounts of up to 10 percent are also available when you install a monitored alarm system in your home.  Contact us first to learn how to receive the maximum discount.

7.)  Hit the books.  Good students are disciplined and, chances are, they paid attention in Driver’s Ed.  So we reward students with a GPA of 3.0 or better with a Good Student Discount.

8.)  Make membership count.  Be sure to tell us where you went to school, what you do for a living and any groups or associations you belong to.  You could receive a special discount if you belong to one of our partner alumni associations, fraternities, financial institutions, professional groups or sports organizations.

9.)  Keep your home safe.  Believe it or not, simple things like solid exterior doors, secondary locks, and smoke alarms can earn you a 5 percent discount.

So has all of this talk of discounts got you thinking it might be time to take a look at your home and auto insurance?  Cool!  Call us to schedule an On Your Side Review where we can sit down & review all of your policies with you.  Of course, this is free of charge!


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