Many thanks to the over 3,000 families in the tri-state area for putting their trust in our agency.

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At Brooks McCall & Associates, we know that a truly successful organization begins with strong values and a clear, effective plan of action. How our brand is seen and recognized by you, our clients, should be a reflection of how we see and recognize ourselves.

Trust. Commitment. Quality. Teamwork.

Both individually and as a team, you'll find BM&A employees embracing this set of values on a daily basis to help guide us in our decisionmaking. Do you value friendly, experienced staff? What about reliable service and fresh ideas that can connect to your life? When you build a relationship with Brooks McCall & Associates, expect that your needs will come first. Our dedication to you, to our core values, and to what we can achieve together… these are the characteristics that set us apart from other Delaware insurance agencies. Join us and consider the difference.


Honesty, integrity, reliability: these principles make up the very essence of our work. Trust is paramount to every relationship we develop, from our internal working relationships to the connections we build with you and with all of our clients.

Our commitment to each client goes beyond the initial sale. In an ever-changing professional environment, we aim to provide ongoing guidance and comprehensive, affordable insurance that will deliver lasting value beyond the price.

With BM&A's 38 years of experience, we see truth in the saying "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten." Through continuous learning and educational opportunities, as well as our emphasis on the value of asset protection in providing quality risk management, we aim to enhance your life by alerting you to potential benefits entering the marketplace.

Over the years, our current clients have seen the worth of having access to a Family Board of Directors comprised of primary care physicians, dentists, lawyers, and accountants, as well as an insurance agent responsible for coordinating family risk management. BM&A's culture of respect, as well as our staff's willingness to lend a helping hand, allows us to provide you with total solutions. As a team, our goal is to fully protect your assets and offer integrated, professional advice regarding your family's insurance rates / finance concerns, from one stage of life to the next.


We are committed to creating a friendly working environment for our staff and clients alike. As we develop relationships, both throughout the McCall insurance staff and by reaching out to you well beyond the sale, we represent a team-oriented, relationship-driven agency capable of putting your needs first.

By remaining optimistic and open to our clients' life challenges, we are presented with an opportunity to further develop into a thoughtful, helpful staff. Just as our products represent our solution-oriented, can-do approach to client business, so too does our emphasis on connecting with you in your time of need. Our clients remain one of our most valuable assets… we strive to maintain your faith as a trustworthy business.

Our agency prizes client-focused work, reflected first through our guarantee that your calls will be returned the same day and second through our extended hours (until 7pm nightly; 9am-12pm Saturdays), in place for your convenience. These benefits, when provided by a staff trained to proactively match client needs with new products and services, have set our agency's standards high above others in the insurance industry. As a testament to our hard work, we greatly appreciate our current clients' ongoing referrals to friends and family.

In an ever-changing insurance industry, our agency combines fresh, youthful ideas with experienced-based solutions to provide you with the assistance you need. We understand the importance of providing our agents access to the most up-to-date tools, technologies, and product changes, allowing us to both give you top-rate advice, and remain confident as a staff.

QUESTION: Why is insurance like a tea bag?

ANSWER: You don't know how good or bad it is until you are in hot water.

We look forward to joining your Family's Board of Directors. We are here to serve you!


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